Get To The Point

I'm the first to admit that I'm a huge proponent of what I like to call uniform dressing. I tend to wear the same shapes (skinny pants, bateau or v-neck tops, wrap or sheath dresses) and stick to a limited palate (black, gray, cream and some saturated, but never primary hues). This works for me even if it doesn't sound to exciting because, as a writer, I like to keep the color on the page except when it comes to my shoes. For the last few years, I've accumulated more than a few classic ballet flats in all sorts of colors with J. Crew being my go-to place to blow my shoe budget.

A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through the latest issue of InStyle magazine and read that my beloved ballet flats were making way for pointy toe flats. Whatever, but will admit to having hung on to a couple pairs of (very) pointy Delman flats that seem way too pointy even if, according to the fine editors at InStyle, pointy is back. I'm not going to chuck my round toe ballet flats, but that doesn't mean I can't make room in my closet for something slightly more to the point.

Since I'm not entirely convinced that at my age I should be jumping into a trend with both feet, I've given myself three options at three price points, but all in black. 

Entry Level Tester:

I have a thing for suede shoes because they're the exact opposite of patent leather which I avoid like the plague thanks to an unfortunate Easter outfit I was forced to wear when I was 10. These suede flats from Madewell ($88) are free of bells and whistles and are a good everyday pair of shoes. They're a nice, safe shoe and I'd predict no one would notice I was wearing them. Including me.


While I'll never own a pair of Frye boots (they're just not my thing), I do know they make good shoes, sandals and, yes boots. While Reginas ($128) is tagged as a ballet flat, it's not the classic round toe with the ribbon and bow detail on the vamp. Instead, there's a subtle lacing up the back which makes this pair of flats worth a second look. While the leather is a bit shiny for my taste, I have a feeling they'd wear well and scuff marks would make them all the more appealing. 

Seriously Committed: 

I'm a grown up, a grown up who has spent a whole lot of time thinking about shoes. As such, a pair of Elizabeth and James Zolts ($265) with a seam detail on the vamp and a slightly squared off pointy toe looks very grown up to me. As I don't really need another pair of black flats, pointy or otherwise, if I am going to buy, I may as well invest in a pair that's classic with a twist. That's what grown ups do. Right?

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