First SweetSpots Novella JUST LIKE THAT Coming Feb '12

For a writer on a deadline there's no such thing as a vacation even (or especially when) everyone around is enjoying one. While I haven't been meeting my daily word count goals since about mid-December, I have been working on Just Like That for my new SweetSpots series of contemporary romances.

I'm really excited about this new line becaause it gives me the chance to try something new (romance! third person pov!) and I'm gearing it for e-readers (not too short, not too long) and at a friendly e-reader price ($1.49).

Just Like That
(SugarMissile, Feb. 27 2012)
Leslie Quinn might have been dumped by her longtime boyfriend, but still has her sense of humor and her determination to make it as a top stylist at an exclusive Manhattan department store. Too busy dodging knives from her back stabbing co-workers, Leslie keeps her focus on doing the best job possible and going on the occasional (and unsuccessful) blind date to keep her friends off her back. When her manager offers her a last minute plum assignment, Leslie packs her bags to meet a mysterious client who is in need of a complete wardrobe overhaul. She soon realizes that this mystery man holds the key to her success at work and also to her heart.

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