I'll Read What I Want To

The husband has known me for very many years and he knows one of my favorite things to do with my time is read. It's a habit I've never hid from him even though he's never been quite supportive of it--it's rather expensive and doubly sedentary. This is why it came as a surprise to both of us when I admitted to him a tawdry truth I'd been hiding in plain sight. We were walking the dog, having some sort of debate and he brought up nugget by either the Dalai Lama or Sartre which was met by a big blank stare on my part.

"I can't believe you don't know what I'm taking about," he said.

"Just because I read a lot it doesn't mean I'm well read," I answered. It was the most honest thing I've said to him in the entirety of of our relationship.

And to prove it, I've filled my free hours this summer with a series of books I'd be reluctant to take with me to the beach. While I've enjoyed reading them, I have to admit they're lightweight and some are morbid and have even learned a thing or two. (Monaco is a principality, not a kingdom; Jackie Kennedy Onassis liked to shop; Diana, Princess of Wales, liked to shop....You get the idea.

While I won't lie about what I'm reading or have read, I have had to hedge a bit here and there. Why? There are just some books I know I'll never, EVER, read and it's not because I have such high standards (see first image below). I consider it one of the great luxuries in my life that I can read what I want if not necessarily when I want (that pesky thing called life and work get in the way).

Yes, I know I'm missing out on some truly great literature or being able to partake in cocktail chit chat (see image below top image below), but I'm willing to live with that. In the end, life's too short to wear uncomfortable underwear and read a book just because everyone else has...or claims to have read.

How I spent my summer:
So far I've read four books on the Windsor family (yes, I tend to stick to a theme or idea), and am now moving on to Hollywood and Wall Street type books. When I'm writing, I prefer to read non-fiction as I find novels too distracting.

As for the three books I won't be reading, only Eat Pray Love has gotten me the most flak. People (women) think I'm trying to make some sort of point (against them) for not wanting to pick it up. Hey, I sat through most of the movies, that should count for something. 

Read and Reading...

 What I won't be reading this summer or the next and the one after that and...

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