A Head for Business and a Bod for Sin

Looking for something (anything!) to distract me from doing what I was supposed to be doing (typing), I went through my stack of books, contemplated finally cleaning out my medicine cabinet and even doing some yard work.

Instead I went with watching a movie on the husband's iPad. When he first got it, I made fun of him for giving into the massive marketing machine that Apple is. For the first few weeks, he couldn't even get me to glance at it even while he and the kid fought over whose turn it was to use it. The most I did was yell at them to cut it out and, a few times, took it away from them.

It wasn't until I figured out I could read screenplays on it then later that I could edit my own manuscripts on it that I realized it was more than just a very fancy (and expensive) toy. What sealed my strong like for the iPad is not the iPad itself, but the fact that while the husband and the kid took over the TV to watch something to do with sharks, I was able to watch Working Girl...in bed.

I love this movie! It was one of my inspirations for Good-bye To All That (along with Mad Men and Entourage). Melanie Griffith and Joan Cusak went balls to the wall with the hair and make-up and it was funny and smart.

How could it not be when directed by Mike Nichols? Writer Kevin Wade wrote complicated women characters that were grownups, not just sexy girls in high heels. And Harrison Ford? I'd forgotten how charming he was.

Working Girl is one of my favorite movies, but I can't write while it's on. I'm too busy paying attention to the witty dialog. Watch it! It's time well spent...when you're supposed to be doing something else.

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