The No, Really Question

Dear Author Margo,
Whenever I tell people I’m an author, they don’t believe me. What can I do to prove it to them without seeming desperate?

Dear Big Chip on Your Shoulder,
I know where you’re coming from, Chip. You spend all this time and money at your local Starbucks, pecking away at your laptop and none of the staff have figured out you’re there not just for the free Wi-Fi, discounted coffee refills and ambiance. You, published author, are hogging the one good table because you’re on official business, literary business.

The unfortunate truth is that writers get very little respect. Unless, that is, you’re Aaron Sorkin and he’s only cool because he had a cameo on 30 Rock talking about how writers get very little respect. Short of wearing a T-shirt that reads “Published Author,” which would be tacky, you could carry around a copy of your novel in your backpack. But, you’re right, that’s demeaning. You don’t go around asking accountants to prove they’re accountants. You take people at their word and those same people should just accept, if not be impressed by, the fact that your job is so much more special than theirs.

The solution to your problem is obvious. You have to write your way into landing a cameo on 30 Rock. Aaron Sorkin did it so it’s obviously not impossible. Then, once your episode airs, everyone who has ever questioned what you do with your time will feel really stupid.

Author Margo

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