The Like Attracts Like Question

Dear Author Margo,
I’m a genre writer which means I run into a lot of the same authors at conferences where we are put on the same panels. The thing is, there are a couple of authors I just can't stand, professionally and personally, but we pretend we get along. It's getting harder to keep my opinions on them and their writing to myself. It’s taking a lot of my energy to not tell it like it is and affecting my writing. Should I just let it all out and move on?

Dear Bitter and Friendless Genre Writer,
First of all, step away from the computer. People already give us a hard time for not churning out books like Fox does bad sitcoms. If they read that writers are having social media wars, it'll make us all look like time wasting chumps who abuse blogging and twitter privileges. Nothing tickles media bottom feeders more than an old fashioned cock/cat fight between authors. They love it when authors give into hate, jealously and general annoyance.

You have two options. First one is, write successful books and choke them with your best seller dust. This way those annoying fellow genre writers will have to say nice things about you when asked by reporters, readers, editors, agents, Hollywood movie producers and their own mothers. If that seems like too much work and you just can’t hold back on the furious typing or have a release coming up, let loose with a jabby blog about how you really feel followed up by plenty of angry tweets that are just this side of ranty. It may feel dirty and nasty (because it is), but it'll get you some press. Of course, it'll get the other guys some press, too, but no one said publishing was fair.

Author Margo

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