Imaginary Office Makeover

I spend a whole lot time in my home office. Even when I'm not writing, I hide out in here when I want to avoid things like dealing with a leaky dishwasher, laundry, cooking, dog walking, husband tending, parenting and manuscripts that have arrived by FedEx in dire need of line edits. The one thing I can't do in my office is nap even though I have a daybed everyone raves about. For me it's a place to work and it's job is to inspire to me to type until my fingers can't type no more.

My office is not only my writing space, but also where I do yoga, read, have long chats with friends, hash out ideas and it doubles as house guest quarters. The husband, being very resourceful, has turned the small walk-in closet where I store most of my books into a server room so everything that's electronic (like the printer/fax/scanner and all sorts of blinking boxes and wires) is tucked away and out of sight. Even with these small upgrades, lately, I've been very blah about my office.

I redid it in January of 2008 when I was supposed to be focusing on getting Good-bye To All That done and turned into my editor. I was under a lot of stress and it seemed totally reasonable to pile on some more by tearing my office apart. I ended up with a look I like to call French Sanitarium. It's very spare, utilitarian and quiet, but still kind of feminine without being alienating to those with penises.

Now I want something a little different or maybe a lot different which is why I asked for help in re-imagining what direction my office decor should go in. I did up one and my sister the other and it's pretty obvious who is responsible for what scheme.

Still Spare:

 Paint Chips: Ralph Lauren Urban Loft series in Hazel Woods and Studio White
Side Table: West Elm,  Martini in Silver. Sofa: West Elm, Sutton in faux suede Bone, Pindot. 
Floor Lamp: West Elm, Adjustable Metal with a White shade. Desk: CB2, Laird in Walnut. 
Chair: DWR, 1006 Navy® in Brushed metal and Walnut. Storage Unit: DWR, Eames® 4x2.
Wall Clock: CB2, Quttin' Time in Yellow and Matte White.

I have a big issue with knick-knacks. As in my issue with them is I hate them. I will never start a snow globe collection or display keepsakes in artful piles on my desk. If anything, it annoys me that there has to be something as messy as a computer keyboard, mouse and monitor on my work surface (this is when I wish I could type on a laptop). Since this is my fantasy, I'm going to pretend it would be totally possible write my books on a typewriter and stay connected with the outside world through a bright red rotary phone. I'd also dress up to go to work in this place. I'd wear shirtwaist dresses, cute mid-heel shoes and even a hat, but only if I'd been to the hairdresser the day before.

The total cost for all this look is a bit more than $5,000 with the bookshelf being the priciest ($2,999) and the kicky clock pulling up the rear ($79.95). And yes, I know that chair is so not ergonomic, especially not for the amount of time I'd spend sitting in it, but it's not like I have the finger and wrist strength for the manual typewriter either.

Fun and Funky: 
Rug: Dwell Studio, Facet in Cream/Citrine. Shelves: Ballard Design. Ceiling Lamp: Nelson Bubble Lamp. 
Task Chair: RTA 18511 in Pink. Book Case: The Container Store, Sapien in Steel.
Desk: Parsons style in White. Desk Lamp: Giraffe lamp in White. Chairs: 1stDibs, 
mid-century modern antiques. Side Table: Room and Board, Saarinen in White. 
Radio: Tivoli, Model One in White and Yellow.

When I asked my sister what she would do with my office, it only took her about half an hour to send me over this image. Her take is cheerful and full of pops of color and just enough my style that, if this were to happen to my office by magic, I could totally deal with it. She also included the stuff I need and want, but would like to think I can do with out. I do listen to the radio and watch movies while I work and I'm forever digging through my closet for a reference book or two. She also threw in a color printer, a laptop and a stack of stickies (thereby outing my stickie addiction). She also included a bright rotary phone, in yellow, but it's a wall unit so I'd be forced to stand up to answer it. Clever girl. It seems my sister knows me better than I know myself.

As for what I'd wear, I'd never dream of defiling this look by writing in yoga gear (as I am right now). I go the easy route and dress out of the Boden catalog because they make happy clothes and this would be a happy office.

Who knows, this office might take my career in a whole new direction. Happy endings for everyone! That kind and the other kind, too! Her estimated cost is about $4,000 and she'd keep my current wall color. At least I have that going for me.

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