The Buying Time Question

Dear Author Margo,
The ink isn't even dry on my book contract, but my editor has already asked me what my plans are for "getting my name out there." What gives?

Dear Get on the Stick,
What gives is that your editor would like to keep her job. And maybe even be considered for a tiny raise that will allow her to afford two-ply toilet paper or at least the clout to ask if it would be at all possible to get that cubicle partition replaced—the one that was knocked over when her fellow editor got fired and decided to leave the hard way.

Let me be blunt, your book is one of many your editor and publishing house has to pay attention to. And there is only so much they will or can do. The rest is up to you. So, yeah, next time your editor asks what you’re doing to build buzz, what she’s really asking is how much more you’re willing to give because you have to be willing to give a lot. Tell her your blogging like crazy and working message boards and social media like nobody's business. This will buy you a couple of weeks before you have to figure out how to get yourself on a reality show.


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