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I'm making it official--or at least blog official--that my next literary offering will be The Brenda Diaries. And because sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves these days, I'll be releasing The Brenda Diaries as an e-book. I'm going to take all I've learned from New York publishing (which is a lot and not enough) and am going to apply it and maybe (doubtfully) improve upon it.

So here's the plan (because I love making 'em and lists and setting word count goals): Brenda will be posting a new diary entry every (EVERY) Thursday from today (3/24) to the end of September (9/29). If my simple math is right, that equals 30 entries you can read for free and at your leisure on The Brenda Diaries blog which will be expanded into 30 chapters for the book which you can read in the, um, book.

I hope to have the e-book out before Thanksgiving so you can read it on your e-reader on the plane, train or Greyhound bus as you trip back home for turkey. As writing a book in itself is already a job and a half, I've assembled a team to make sure this effort is top notch. I have a copy editor (because I really, really need one), a graphic artist to design the cover, an editor to run the manuscript past when it's almost done, and businesses minded partner to remind me that not only do I have to write the book, I also have to sell it.

I fully expect this to be a time consuming and stressful endeavor and the only part I'm really looking forward to is the writing. And that's exactly what I'm going to start doing

What's the What:

3/24: Shop and Shoop. Brenda's boyfriend wants to get serious at Target.
3/10: Emotional Vampires. Brenda has a very annoying surprise house guest.
 2/24: About Last Night. Brenda realizes having a boyfriend is kind of boring.

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