The But I'm Special Question

Dear Author Margo,
I’ve lead a very interesting life. Whenever I tell people about the things I’ve done, they always say my life would make a great book or a movie. I agree. So will you write it?

Dear Legend of the Trailer Park:
The world is full of interesting people. Some writers even consider themselves to be included in that bunch. How to tell? If they’ve written a book or two featuring a writer as the main character it’s a sure sign that they consider typing to be worth writing about. No one likes typing more than a writer.

The truth is there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everyone’s stories down by the few competent writers out there. And publishers have this nasty little habit of being kind of picky as to who they throw millions of dollars at for the privilege of turning those memories into books. So unless you have a reality show, inspired a meme or have boffed a living president, chances are a big book advance with a ghostwriter to do the actual work isn’t going to happen.

But don’t let that stop you! Write your own book, it’s called a blog. You deserve to be immortalized in words just as you’ve immortalized yourself in your own mind.

Author Margo

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