A Brenda Teaser

Those of  you who follow me on twitter might know that I have an imaginary assistant. She recently went to work for the husband, helping him out with this and that at his office. And so my imaginary assistant became "Brenda"--just "Brenda" no last name like Cher and Madonna--because the husband insisted he had to call "her" something.
"Brenda" has been doing well, or at least well enough so that "she" hasn't been fired, but the rest of "her" life is a mess. Starting on Thursday (2/24), "Brenda" will be sharing tidbits about what it's like to be "Brenda," a single gal living and trying to find love (or a close approximation of it) in Los Angeles. It's going to be funny, sassy, a little bit sexy and plenty demented. Just like "Brenda," who will finally reveal the real woman behind the "".

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