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I already did. I would again. And what I'd wear...

Weddings, I've found, are not much fun for those who are planning them. This is why I find it sort of amazing that we (the husband and myself) are talking about renewing our vows. I suppose it's been enough years from the original to-do for us to consider doing it all over again. It is true, folks, the horrors of war (and memories of near catering disasters), do fade.

This time, though, we're grown up enough to politely give the finger to anyone who's dumb enough to even think of imposing their unwelcome opinion on how the event should go down. (People get wedding fever for which I have a cure--don't tell anyone what your planning or hire a large Swedish woman who doesn't put up with any gödsel.)

The plan is to keep it small and casual because I'd rather take a good trip instead of eating pretty cake that costs as much as a used car. In the end, though, what people really care about is what I'll be wearing. I'm sure to disappoint everyone except for myself, but at my age, I really don't give a damn.

Here Comes the Outfit...

Clockwise from top left: Finn rosecut Diamond Stud .40 ct 18k White Gold earrings, $1,780, at Barneys. The Row Marina Ivory silk back zip dress, $750 at Barneys. Dahlias in White and Red. Christian Louboutin New Helmut pointed toe D'orsay pumps with dipped vamp in Bone, $595, at Barneys. Kayen acetate sunglasses in Cream, $325, at Net-a-Porter.  Honeymoon solitaire Diamond Platinum ring, at Cartier price is not for me to know but I'd be happy with a half carat if the whole carat looks too big...Honey. 
The last thing I'd ever do is trot out in hoop skirt, but there are expectations so I'll stick to a wedding friendly palate of cream and expensive. I love long sleeves, simple shapes and this is a dress I can wear again. (The shoes, well, they're a bit harder to work into my wardrobe, but I can see them peeking out from a pair of well cut trousers.) Lucky for the husband, I'm not a big jewelry person, but a new ring would be most welcome as would be a new pair of earrings (which I'm overdue for). Instead of a purse, I'd go for a nice pair of sunglasses. As for that ring, the husband is much more traditional than I am and might make some noises about the design, if not the price, but I don't care. It's my damn finger.

All in all, this is a look I can live with and make use of for years to come. Except for the flowers which are dahlias and will be appreciated for as long as they last then relegated to the green recycling bin to go off and have a life as mulch. Circle of life and whatnot.

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