Fancy Pants

 Three outfits. Three price points. All pants...

Recently a friend (who shall remain anonymous least I give her the satisfaction of her seeing her name mentioned on my blog) commented, pointedly, that all my outfits seem to rely, heavily, on dresses. And just in case I had missed her not so subtle jab, she came right out and said I was using dresses as a crutch...Which, I admit, I am and do. Dresses are one piece and I've always had a hard time seeing pants as anything but pants even though I spend much of my regular days in them.

She challenged me to come up with an outfit, centered around pants for going out to dinner with girlfriends. Not only did I take her up on her pants taunt, but I decided to 'shop' for three at three different price points.

And! I didn't go for my safety pants, slim cut and black, but instead stretched myself to really consider different shapes and colors. I also went for pretty tops because when you go out for dinner, you're mostly sitting, only visible from the waist up, and that's what people will focus on. Of course, everyone will check out your ass when you get up to go to the bathroom, so interesting shoes will either add or detract attention from areas you either want to show off or forget about.

Debt Level: Credit Card Payment:

From top left: Flower Embellished Top, £42, in Cream. Wide Enamel Bangle, £8, in Cream and Gold. Peg leg Trouser, £35, in Navy.  Embellished Sandal, £55, in Mink. Bow Pouch Clasp Purse £9, in Tan.
Technically, Miss Selfridge is a UK based store, so with shipping and the exchange rate, shopping on this site might plump up the monthly credit card bill. But for this exercise, I'm pretending I was in London on a work related trip where I could write off my travel, lodging and most meals...and I'd won some cash in a drunken cribbage game that I needed to unload before getting to the airport. 

Debt Level: Car Lease Payment:

From top left:  Lace Front Embellished Neckline Crop Tank, $70, in Cream. Chiffon Leaf Bracelet, $25, in Cream. Paper Bag Waistband Tapered Leg Trousers, $85, in Khaki. PANCHO Cut-Out Peep Toe Sandals, $180, in Tan. Leather Ruched Flap Purse, $32, in Olive.
And on my trip back from London, I'll have a couple days stopover in New York to visit my dear friend John who has a two bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. And even though he smokes, he is still great company who tells funny stories and laughs at my jokes. Plus, he has a washer and dryer in his apartment so I can do my dirties and come home with clean laundry along with my new outfit from Topshop. 

Debt Level: Mortgage Payment:

From top left: Miu Miu Matelassé Leather Wallet, $430, in Black. L'Agence Swarovski Crystal Embellished Silk-Satin Top, $555, in Nude. Jimmy Choo Miles Leather and Mesh Sandals, $895, in Nude. A.L.C. Tapered Jersey Pants, $240, in Black. Monica Vinader Luna 18-karat Gold-Vermeil Amethyst Bracelet, $210.
Sometimes less is more and while I would 'spend' the most on this outfit from Net-a-Porter, it's decidedly the least flashy of the three.Why? Well, I suppose when you have money to burn, you don't necessarily need to look like you're on fire. And while I'm even hesitant to estimate the total cost of this outfit, you can be damn sure I wouldn't chance laundering the pants or top in my washer/dyer. This stuff is dry cleaner, but if I could afford it, I'd have my assistant deal with paying the bills, schlepping to the dry cleaner and color coordinating my walk-in closet. And I could remain blissfully ignorant of what it costs to show up my girlfriends. Nice.

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