Dressing Multiple Personalities

I'm well aware that what a person wears says a lot about who they think they are and how they feel about themselves. (Is it obvious I've watched more than my share of TLC's What Not to Wear?) This is why I'll never wear Ugg boots. I don't care how comfy my friends say Uggs are--they look like spongy loaves of baked bread. At the same time, I have taken to wearing a certain gray hoodie supposedly purchased exclusively for gym visits. Sadly, it seems that a slow slide into blah is inevitable for someone whose daily uniform is ballet flats, jeans and a long sleeved tee...and that hoodie.

It wasn't always this way. Some years ago, I used to wake up excited to get dressed and picking out my outfit was the highlight of my day. I may have not taken the series of dot.com jobs I had seriously, but I put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear. And what I wore was very cute and sometimes just as short. (Think Rachel from Friends in those tiny a-line skirts and clingy mock turtleneck short sleeve tops. But I never had Rachel hair. Ever!)

The two people in my life who are most vocal about their dislike of my uniform dressing are my mom and the husband. (The kid has also expressed some pretty strong opinions on my wardrobe.) Mom seems to have forgotten that she used to think my skirts were a bit too short as she now laments my lack of knee baring. The husband hates my ballet flats and I wouldn't be surprised to one day reach for that gray hoodie and not find it in my closet. (What, don't you hang up your hoodies?) 

So in the spirit of giving, I've put together outfits for them and one for me. The one consistent item of the three is the tights. At $66 a pair, black Fogal 100 dinier opaque tights are my homage to my dot-com days when I had money to burn.

My mom would be so happy if I wore...
Clockwise from top left: Long sleeve print tie hem kimono blouse, $80, at Topshop. Basic jersey pencil skirt in black, $50, at Topshop. CLEO round toe black suede 3" inch boots, $190, at Topshop. Small 'gold' hoop gold earrings, $10, at Topshop. Fogal tights, black, at Barneys, $66. Leather knot shoulder bag in black, $200, at Topshop.
I'm really not sure if my mom exactly understands what it is I do for a living. She knows I type a lot and spend my days telling (imaginary) people what to do, but for some reason she thinks I should dress like a lady who not only lunches, but eats has her assistant run down to the local vegan place so she can nibble at it while sitting at her desk in her corner office.  

The husband would like to see me in...
Clockwise from top left: Faux leather and jersey top dress, $100, at Topshop. Faux snakeskin print clutch, $55, at Topshop. Freedom square clip-on silver and stone earrings, $10, at Topshop. Fogal tights, black, at Barneys, $66. ALELDA 4" heel black ankle boots, $160, at Topshop.
As a married gal sometimes a little fakery comes in handy. How else is a woman supposed to protect the fragile male ego? Most of this outfit is all about faking it. It's all black which the husband has pointed out is not really a color, the skirt and top is actually a dress with the bottom half being faux leather, the clutch is fake 'snakeskin' and the earrings are sparkly glass clip-on deals. I know by now what his male eye will see which will make him wonder what's underneath. This makes the fact that the skirt part of the dress can be cleaned with a damp cloth extra à propos.

And I'd be most happy wearing...
Clockwise from top left: Fogal tights, black, at Barneys, $66. Burgundy leather satchel, $100, at Topshop. Long sleeve scoop neck rib detail black tee, $20, at Topshop. Flannel a-line tab button skirt in camel, $70, at Topshop. Cream and crystal fly stud earrings by Freedom, $18, at Topshop. DARYL black flat suede boots, $170, at Topshop.
This outfit is closest what I used to dress like many moons ago, but tweaked to be age appropriate. It's a smart look made up of basics (the top and not too short skirt) with a little whimsy (the fly shapped earrings) and color (the bag and the skirt). I could see wearing this on a normal day when walking the dog and a trip to the supermarket would be my only outings. I think the dog and the flirty guy that works in the produce department would appreciate my extra effort.

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My favorite of the three is the "mom" outfit. What can I say, I like a woman in high heel boots. ;-}