The Three Faces of Margo

Three events. Three looks. One pair of shoes...

There are more than three reasons why I dread the holiday season, but my top one is that I have to dress for it. I'm a big proponent of having a couple of go-to outfits, but even I have to admit what I wear needs to be cranked up a notch (or 10) when the occasion is supposed to be festive.

To make things fun, I shopped for my season at Topshop. Of course, there isn't a Topshop where I live. So I'm being honest with my measurements and getting the right size even if it looks like the wrong number. And because the prices look so much more reasonable in pounds instead of dollars, that's the way I'm going to think about 'em. I'll claim ignorance when the AmEx bill arrives and distract the husband with my new frocks. It's worked in the past and I see no evidence that he's wised up since the last time. 

The "And You Are?" Outfit: 

Clockwise from top left: Slinky Cape Sleeve Tie Waist dress in Forest, £40 . Stone Wing earrings, £8.50. Oversized Cashmere Mix jacket by Boutique in Charcoal, £150. Embellished Box bag, £65. Sakura Suede Platforms, in Black, £62. Wing Clamp bracelet, £12.50.
As I'm slowly and reluctantly moving into new circles because of my shift from novel writing to screenplays, I've met people who are, like, cool. At least, they're a lot cooler than me and they dress like they are. These folks are really, really happy to be who they are (or are at least medicated to think that way) and they can't help but remind you of that. My one defense is not to look like a slob. Jeans, ballet flats and a long sleeve T just don't cut it and I won't be wearing that to the dreaded cocktail party at a local hotel one of these new chums is hosting.What I will be wearing is a dress that allows me to eat and drink without fear of splitting it or spilling out of it. And because it's a special occasion, I'm kicking up the accessories from none to some. The coat, though, is all me. It looks like something you'd find in you're grandpa's closet but with out the funky smell or used handkerchief in the pocket. 

The "I'm Sorry, but I'm a Lady" Outfit:

Clockwise from left: Long Sleeve Tuck Shift dress in Teal, £48. Facet Drop Chandelier earrings, £12.50. Cape Coat by Boutique in Black, £150. Sakura Suede Platforms, Hard Box bag, £45. Layered Leaf cuff, £12.50.
The husband has wants and needs that I, as, the wife sometimes can't weasel out of.What helps in these situations is wearing something that will make the both of us happy which means a little color for him and some black for me. He likes dresses, I like long sleeves and simple lines, and this dress meets all of the requirements. While it's not black, it's still neutral enough to make a day to night transitions by tweaking the accessories. And to keep the look proper and evening worthy, I went with a non-coat jacket that will still keep me warm from the car to wherever it is he's forcing me to go.

The "Yes, of course they're Real!" Outfit:

Clockwise from left: Paneled Dress by Goodone in Black and Navy, £160. Domed Stone Set ring, £10. Military Contrast trench coat, Black, £75. Hard Leather bag, Navy Blue, £38. Sakura Suede Platforms
I recently had a very enlightening conversation with a screenwriter who, one, actually earns a living at it and, two, is a woman. She said screenwriters fall into two categories--they're either very smart or smart enough to know they look the part. This outfit for an industry event/party straddles both those camps. The trench and bag are all business, but the dress puts my business front and center...and behind and sideways. Hey, I don't workout as much as I do to waste all my efforts on just jeans and T-shirts. Sometimes even I want to show off what I (still) got.

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