A Good Scrubbing

There are two things I'll spend money on, shoes and beauty gadgets. I've gotten smart about shoes. In my closet you'll find lots (lots!) of ballet flats for everyday and when I want to look put together and still be comfortable, two pairs of heels (a neutral and a 'fun' pair), brown boots, black boots and sneakers (one pair for the gym and another pair for when I need to wear sneakers and don't want to look like I'm going to the gym), plus assorted sandals. Shoe wise, I've learned my lesson and stick with styles and brands I know and trust.

This is not the case when it comes to beauty gadgets where I seem to lose the power of critical thinking. I have a drawer, a big one, in my bathroom dedicated to all sorts of tools that I was beyond certain would deliver miracles. Instead, I've been proven a fool more than once. But it doesn't matter. I still hope for the best when it comes to shelling out money for something that promises to make my life and skin that much better.

Finally, I can honestly say I've purchased something that was actually worth the money and, more importantly worth the time it takes to use it. And what is it? A Clarisonic PRO Deluxe, from $195, which is, basically a vibrating brush that scrubs like no other.

The thing is, I had it for a couple of years and would use it here and there but didn't become a devotee until this past August. Since then there have only been a few nights (more than three less than six) where I haven't stood around for the minute or so it takes to complete a cycle. (On days when I feel extra dirty, I go through it twice.) I use a dollop of cleanser (nothing fancy) and then go to town, reminding myself there's no point in pressing really hard. I recently upgraded from the 'sensitive' brush to the 'normal' but it's still plenty gentle.

If you think washing your face is just washing your face, well, you'd be right. But this little gadget does work and the proof is what I see in the mirror. My skin isn't perfect but it looks a lot better than it did before August. A big part of the credit goes to my new favorite gadget.

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