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I don't usually post chapters, especially of works in progress because it's a bit like serving undercooked chicken at a dinner party. (My dinner parties are famous for pink chicken.) But guess what I'm doing? I just turned in a manuscript for notes and am waiting to hear about a couple others so I thought I'd use this lull to take a tentative step in a new writing direction.

With four books published, I've stuck to what I know which is writing about flawed characters with a heavy emphasis on humor. But just because that's what I want to write doesn't mean it's what I can write all the time.

I had a conversation with my editor a couple months ago where we bemoaned the state of publishing (really, no joke, it kind of sucks). She said that romance is always a hot genre and suggested I stop being uptight and give it a try. (She doesn't do romance though, so it a pure tough love on her part.) I dusted off a manuscript I started some time ago which was inspried by my love of movies  like Ronan and Two Moon Junction. But before giving it some tweaks, I did my homework. I read tons of romantic suspense/thrillers and erotica and when I did my revise, I tried to meld what I like about speedy and sexy movies and books.
So here are links to what I'm calling Master of Pieces, both the original and the revised version with all the red bits to show what a messy process it is. Revised or not, MoP isn't at all PG, maybe a very hard R, but it is in PDF form for easy reading. It's also not polished, but pretty much the way I see the whole manuscript playing out. What's surprised me is that while I'm not snickering at the things my characters say or do, I've had a pretty good time writing this. I think it has to do with the all sex and shooting that's going on.

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