This Was Las Vegas

I spent a few days in Las Vegas and took more than a few blurry pictures for tax write off reasons and came to the conclusion that Vegas is for grown-ups. What convinced me of this were all the kids. To and from the pool was fine but once it closed, around 7, there's not much for kids to do unless you park them in 24-hour 'casino care.' Most parents made the choice to troop from one casino to another with tots and pre-teens. I made the executive decision after arriving late on Friday night that our kid had to be in the room by 10. This, of course, meant that I also had to be there, but as I don't gamble and am not much of a drinker, I was fine with the arrangement.

Would I go back to Las Vegas? Sure, but the kid will be staying home. There's no real benefit to exposing a young mind to drinking, smoking, gambling and that much skin. Like I said, Vegas is a grown up town and I'm okay with that.

A Gold Guy and Missing Pussycats:

The husband kept insisting that we had to take a trek through Caesar's Place. He just would not let it go even though I could have done without a visit. To him, though, Caesar's is Las Vegas so we went. When we passed by the empty Pussycat Dolls gambling space (left) he gave me a very vivid description of what happens there. Seems that, at an appropriate hour of night, smokin' hot lady dealers will do a little pole dance and then climb down to (wo)man the gaming tables. Sounds like they should get paid double the wage for doing two jobs at once. I got to hold Julius Caesar's finger (left) and am now wondering just how many people have taken hold of that particular digit over the years. Lots, I expect.

Just for Girls and Their Understanding Husbands:

I won't deny it, Paris casino and hotel was my favorite place on the strip and not only because I got to order a 5,000 calorie Nutella crepe (middle pic). It's just so stereotypically Paris pretty. Even the bathrooms (Les Toilette) are preciously Parisian as imagined by some mastermind casino and hotel developer. I obliged the husband with a pic by 27, his lucky number and the only lucky he got the entire weekend. I was tempted to pick up an Eiffel Tower drinking vessel but managed to restrain myself. Now I regret it as it'd be fun to sip my iced decaf mint green tea out of it just like all the French people do when they visit Paris.

Classy Paris Day or Night:

Somewhere tucked into a box in the garage or attic is a similar picture like the one on the left, but it's of the real Eiffel Tower. The husband took it when we went for a visit many years ago and its a nice picture. Maybe I'll look for it one day. As I remember, the real Paris didn't have Champagne Slots, middle, and they should get on rectifying that real quick. It would make the city so much more classy. The picture on the right was taken from the Bellagio right before the water show which is totally worth the effort to go see. We saw it twice, first time it was to Frank Sinatra's Luck Be A Lady and the second to some pandering patriotic country type song.

Beauty Shots:

Next time, sans kid, we're staying at the Aria (right) because it's a grownup hotel (with what I assume are grownup prices to match). The whole complex, City Center, reminds me of one of my guilty pleasure movies, Logan's Run. And as I thought Logan's Run was kind of naughty movie when I first saw it, it's not a bad association to make with the Aria. I'm expecting to have a good time while staying there and for the husband's luck to change for the better. The two colorful shots, middle and right, were taken inside the Bellagio because who doesn't like pretty glass and it was a nice break from all the well-monitored debauchery we were surrounded by.

Two I Saw and One I Shouldn't Have Done:

The Amazing Race is the only reality show I'd ever seriously consider being on, but not with the husband or a sibling. I just don't need or want to know how we'd treat each other under such stressful conditions. Even though I'm super fond of the show, I didn't play The Amazing Race slots because I was surprised that the turned such a thing into a slot machine. I did, however, blow $20 (at the husband's insistence) on The Sex and the City slot money sucking contraption. I had no idea what was going on and just took his advice to 'bet the max' until the $20 turned into "0" by which I mean zero and not an "O" I would have actually enjoyed. It was a waste of money and in the end they got something out of me even though I didn't go see SATC 2. (By the way I loved the first movie except for the ending.)

So that was Vegas and I expect it'll be mostly the same but more exaggerated the next time I happen to visit and that's why people go there.

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