Scene 1: Life Over Easy

I have a meeting with a movie producer next week. She's expressed interest in my screenplay adaptation of Life Over Easy and we're going to talk over lunch mtg, as she puts it in her emails. I'm am by no means an expert screenwriter, I'd call myself a proficient beginner, and I made this task doubly hard for myself by adapting my own novel. I did this for two reasons, because it was there and I was curious to see if I could get enough distance from it to do a proper job.

I think I did a pretty good job, and it's what the notes I've gotten back say, but meeting with a legit producer who likes what I wrote is a whole other game. I'm excited to see if I have what it takes to play. (My plan is to fake it and see how far that gets me.)

If you've read Life Over Easy you'll notice that the first chapter in the book is nothing like the opening scene, below. I learned through trial and error, lots of reading and some honest criticism, that a book is not a movie and a novelist can't write like one and expect to be treated seriously as a screenwriter. Novels and screenplays are two very different ways of writing and thinking about writing. Feel free to compare the first scene and the first chapter, click here or on the book cover above to read an excerpt on amazon.

I have no idea how this meeting will go, but it does give me the incentive to keep writing.

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