Los Angeles Magazine Best of L.A. Party

Last night, Wednesday July 21st, I got to put on heels, (had to) comb my hair so I could go to a party.

But let me back up a bit to a week ago. I came home grouchy from trying to run errands and knowing I had a stack of things to do to promote Good-bye To All That. I noticed the message light on the answering machine was blinking, so I hit 'play' to listen to it while I put away groceries. And just as I was making room for a carton of soy milk, I heard Jake from Los Angeles Magazine say "Congratulations, Margo. Good-bye To All That has been picked as Best Beach Read for our Best of LA issue."

The soy milk was carefully set on the floor and I went over to listen to the message again. Jake not only was delivering good news but he also wanted to know if I'd like to attend a party celebrating this year's winners at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. I called him back and said thank you and, of course, I'd love to attend. (The only thing I had planned for that night was watching Top Chef.)

I really and truly had no idea what a huge deal being picked for the Best of LA issue was until I arrived and was handed my winner packet. Inside was a magazine (thanks!) and frame worthy certificate. The husband flipped through the magazine and said, "Honey?" I was busy admiring the shiny font on the certificate so I answered with an elequount, "Yeah?" He shoved the magazine at me and said "You're the only book pick on the entire list."

That's right! If there hadn't been people around, I would have done a spazzy dance and whooped at the top of my lungs. (Okay, honestly what happened was that I almost peed my Spanx.) Good-bye To All That is not just in the Best of LA issue it's a Best of as in the best that Los Angeles has to offer. Really and truly amazing and beyond unexpected. I have a list of names to send thank you notes to because they (especially Wendy and Ashley) truly made this happen. I can't thank them enough, but I'll try.

I had a chance to speak with editor Mary Melton and executive editor Matthew Segal at the start of the night and they were nice enough to take picture with me.

They were both so nice and, even more surprising, knew who I was. It was a great party, lots of food and drink (I only had water and lots of it). It was great to see the other winners and asking them what they were picked for. I bonded with managing editor Amy Wallace and her friend Cathy over our love of reading and books. (I'm picking up Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance on her recommendation.)

The party took place in the courtyard of the Fairmont under the 100-plus year old fig tree that dominates the space.

I managed to pull some sort of look together, last minute. Sick of my Mrs. MBA dress I went on a desperate trip to the mall and ended up buying a simple black dress at Banana Republic. I wanted it in purple but they didn't have in stock. I think I looked okay, but two and a half hours in heels left me hobbling. It was well worth the discomfort because it was a great night and a big honor.

Thank you Los Angeles Magazine. For reals!

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