Product Monogamy

The other night while out and about with the husband and the kid, I realized I have what some might consider an issue. An issue with shoes. J. Crew ballet flats to be exact.

The night's plan had been to go to the movies, but we ditched that idea when we saw the line to get tickets for The Karate Kid. Instead we wound up at Farmer's Market in search of salt water taffy. Not for me, I wanted a cup cake, but for the kid who is convinced that salt water taffy is going to be the best thing he's ever tasted. Unfortunately, the shop that sells said candy was already closed. We wandered back to the car and I decided it would be a great idea to cut through J. Crew to get that much closer to the parking lot.

And what I saw in there made me forget about cup cakes, salt water taffy and even the fact that I had the kid and the husband with me.

There, toward the back, was a wall of yellow boxes. And inside those yellow boxes were ballet flats. On sale. I ended up with three pairs to add to the, gulp, seven pairs I already have in my closet. Um, that's a whole lot of ballet flats. (I don't even want to add up what I've spent on them. Even with these last three on sale, I know it's a big chunk of change.)

For better or for worse, I'm married to the ones from J. Crew, from $98.

My other great (product) love is Prescriptives foundation. I've been a loyal user since the mid-90s when I discovered that there is a big difference between drugstore and department store brands.

For a while, I even used to have it custom mixed. This was during the boom when it was a whole lot easier to justify spending $70 on something I'd end up washing down the drain at the end of the day. I've tried other brands (Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, etc), but nothing has come close to Prescriptives.

Their Traceless foundation, very light coverage so it's more of a tint, is my summertime staple and well worth the $32.50 it costs to keep it my make-up drawer.

There are a few more things I buy and buy again--L'Oreal mascara and OB tampons*--and while I know there are other ways I could be spending (or saving) my money, there are certain things I won't compromise on. In the end, you get what you pay for and it's even better when you can get it on sale.

*OB Minis. I love them but they don't sell them in the States. This is why I'm currently hording three unopened boxes my German mother-in-law to sent over a few Christmases ago. A disastrous trip to the South of France was almost saved when I found them at a super store pharmacy that was between St. Tropez and the awful condo village we were stuck in.

I've even called OB up to ask them what the hell is up with them not selling them here. The customer service rep tactfully suggested that it might be due to American gals having a heavier flow. Way to go USA.

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