GTAT Publishers Weekly review

I don't really toot my own horn that much, but I can't help but pucker up at the sight of Publishers Weekly review for Good-bye To All That. It's been a while since I read anything that made me jump up and down and this had me bouncing in my seat.

My editor sent over the pdf and the actual review is on newsstands now, but with a little cutting and pasting, I have what they said as well as transcribing it because this was some typing I didn't mind doing, below.

"Getting ahead in Hollywood poses a challenge for Raquel Azorian, a lowly marketing assistant at a major production company, and while she has ambition, energy and smarts, the heroine of Candela's wry latest doesn't have a mentor or even a boss who can hold it together. Determined to chart a course that will save her job and yield a well-deserved promotion, Raquel goes Working Girl, calls on her few friends, and begins making big plans. When a sexy superior takes an interest in her, there's equal potential for success and disaster meanwhile, her parents and brother have plenty of problems and lean on Raquel for help. Candela (More Than This) combines a cunning wit with a deep understanding of the office politics specific to the entertainment industry to create a frantic atmosphere and a near breathless momentum as the story barrels toward an ending that's anything but your focus-grouped happy fade out. (July)"

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