Gray Zone

Gray is my favorite color. Yes, I consider it a color. It's the perfect neutral that goes with just about anything. I looked through my closet and drawers the other day and found that about 60% of what I wear is one shade of gray or another. Before it was largely black with some white here and there, but living in L.A. has almost broken me of my reliance on wearing black. Almost.

While I love gray when it comes to my clothes (and office wall color), what I don't like is being stuck in a gray area. And this is exactly where I currently find myself. I'm waiting to hear back from editors about my long suffering novel and from a production company who is considering optioning the film rights for More Than This (Touchstone, Aug. '09). I also just finished adapting Life Over Easy (Kensington, Oct. '07) into a screenplay and am either writing a book synopsis or screenplay treatment for a new idea. Oh, and I still don't have an agent because I just can't bring myself to look for one.

On the bright side, I do have a new book coming out this July, Good-bye To All That (Touchstone, July 13, 2010), and I still have plenty of ideas to keep me busy. But what's really keeping me going is waiting for the UPS guy.

I just ordered a pair of two tone gray flats from J. Crew (below) and the style just happens to share the same name as the main character from Life Over Easy, Natalia. I'll take this has a good sign, actually a sign of any sort because when things are this gray I look for meaning in the smallest and most unrelated things.

I'm stuck in a gray area right now and it's the perfect excuse to do it while wearing cute gray shoes. Hey, it makes perfect sense to me.

(I don't care how blah life is, cute shoes can make a difference.
J. Crew Natalia dip-dyed leather ballet flats in cobblestone, $118.)

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