Bikini Tuesday

The likelihood of me getting to take a vacation this summer is beyond low. A person who happens to be an adult and homeowner just can't get ignore the fact that a new roof means you need a new roof. And those suckers ain't cheap.

So the decision has been made--roof over our heads in lieu of a vacation for our body and souls. But this doesn't mean I can't buy a new bikini. This is not a decision I take lightly. All those lady mags have it right, trying to find a swimsuit that looks good and feels good is an ordeal. This is why I stick with brands that I've had luck with in the past.

When I saw J. Crew's seersucker Sidney bikini in coral, below left, I stopped looking. It reminds me of that Laverne & Shirley episode where the gals volunteer at a hospital (to meet doctors) and wore candy striper uniforms.

Besides being cute, the top has underwires and isn't a halter. I'm not keen on halters because they hurt my neck. (Yes, having big knockers tends to cause all sorts of havoc on one's neck and shoulders.) The Sidney comes in cup sizes from A to D as well as band sizes from 32 to 38. This is important because body parts aren't always S, M or L. So while $52 might seem a lot for so little material, it's more than worth it if it keeps the boobage in place.

$52 for the top, $44 for the bottom
I've put my order in and am looking forward to and dreading it's arrival at the same time. Even though I'll get to try it on in the privacy of my own home, I still have to take a good look at myself in the mirror. And looking at myself right now, I have to admit I need to deal with my midsection.

I hate working my abs which is why I don't have any. Even when I was in tremendous shape (ages 23-27), I would skimp on the crunches. Anything ab related is my least favorite exercise in the world to do. Honestly, I'd rather clean the bathroom than do sit-ups. But still, somehow, I feel justified in complaining about them.

I do have options. Smart Lipo! Yes, getting the fat sucked out and put into jars so if I'm feeling crafty I could make my own soap. But lipo costs, like, money so it isn't an option. What I'm going to have to do is, ugh, core exercises and stop my bitching. A suit as sweet as this one deserves it.

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