Sweet, Salty and Hard

Last week, the kid invited his highly allergic friend over and I knew I'd have to provide snacks that wouldn't kill him. There's no surer way to ruin a play date then having to perform an emergency (and makeshift) tracheotomy on a 9-year-old. I stood between him and the TV and asked, "So what can't you eat?"

He rattled a list that included what I currently had in my very small pantry and fridge. Desperate, I asked "How about pretzels?" And he said, "Sure, I can eat those." I fled to the supermarket, grateful that my kid can and does eat just about anything at least once. I also had some less charitable thoughts about how his mother should have sent him along with something so I wouldn't have to worry about killing her son.

While the friend's visit stressed me out it also introduced me to the wonderfulness that is Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided Twists.

These things are good. Sweet, crunchy with just the right amount of salt. And they have wheat and wheat is, like, good for a person so this qualifies as a healthy type snack.

There also free of trans fats, pork (pork?), have nary a drop of lactose, msg or soy. And they're kosher. In short, the perfect snack food.

The kids didn't have any because they ate about a dozen Cutie clementines, but the bag was just about empty by the end of their play date. Between me and the husband, those pretzels didn't stand a chance.

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