Below the Waist

Honestly, I really don't shop a whole lot. When I do, though, it's all in one haul. I also tend to buy more than one of the same thing because I know, in the end, that I like what I like and I'll wear whatever it is a lot. It might make my closet a bit on the boring side, but it's my quirk and I own it.

A couple of weekends ago I was all about pants. I was doing a regular purge of my closet and after I got rid of some tragically optimistic jeans (what? I'm going to grow three inches and lose just as many off my waist?), I was left with four pairs of very basic Levi 545 in 'seaside' and 'broken dark' I scored on for about $35, more than three pairs of black J. Crew Pixie pants and my 'event' jeans--those I have to wear with something besides flats and usually wear to day time book events.

Really, not a lot of pants for someone who wears them almost exclusively when not forced to wear a dress or skirt. So, of course, I realized I needed more to expand my pant horizon. And lucky for me, J. Crew was having a 20% off all pants and free shipping promotion on their site.

Disclaimer: Three of the four pants I ordered are a variation of the same design. I make no apologies for this or for the fact that I only got the fourth because the price was so awesomely marked down.

Deep and Dark:

Another confession, this is not my first experience with these pants. I ordered a pair of the denim Minnie pants a few months ago. Tried them on and said, "Eh, I like them but I don't $98 like them. And the zipper thing, not such a fan." So I returned them and have been thinking of them ever since, ankle zippers and all.

The 'dark denim rinse' is just that, no whiskers or bald spots. Plus, the lack of pockets make them look nice and tidy even when paired with a basic white T-shirt and my usual flats.

Even though they're now permanently $78, I still feel they're a good buy and I'll get used to the zipper at the ankle. If not, I'll sew it up because I can and they're not so narrow that I need to unzip to slip them on.

Zippy with Zippers:

If I'm going to quibble about zippers, then I should have plenty of issues with the Zipper Minnie. This pant is lousy with them--the ankles and on-seam pockets, too. I wasn't willing to consider them for two bucks short of $100, but just under $80 I knew I'd be happy. Plus, I vetted them past my sister who came back with an instant reply of "Cute!"

They're black and the zippers are in silver, two color combination I can more than live with. And even though they're the same Minnie cut, they're different enough so I won't look like I'm wearing the same pants day after day. Really, what people will notice is that I like to wear my pants really short...If they notice at all.

Perfectly Broke:

I'm not to lazy too break in my own pants. (Shoes, on the other hand, should never have to be broken in. If they hurt the first time you put them on, they'll always hurt.) These Faded Black denim Minnie pants have color, lack of zippers and pockets going for them.

Of the four I got, I expect to wear these the most. I scored them for 70.40 (down $17.60 from their usual price of $88) and I'll keep an eye for them to go on sale at the end of the season. Yes, I'm going to buy another pair because that's just the way I am. When I like something, I like it to death and I like it even more on super mark down.

No Slouch:

Aside from those brief few weeks in January 2009 when I was living on chai and stress, I've never worn my jeans slouchy style. I'm too short and busty to carry that look off and still maintain relatively sane eating habits. While I'm not going to change my life for a pair of jeans, even I have to admit that there are worse things I could have to do like more cardio along with more crunches, push ups and lunges. And if those things make me look nice in my pants, so be it. As far as I'm concerned, I just need to find the right slouchy jean to go with what I've got.

The problem is that at my normal weight, boyfriend jeans just look frumpy on me, but when I saw J. Crew had a pair of slim cut boyfriend jeans, I took notice. And when I saw that the price for the Vintage Slim in 'rustic wash' was $39.99, I couldn't get them into my cart fast enough. And it's good I did when I did because they adjusted the sale price to $78 the next day.

And no, I'm not going to use all the money I've saved to upgrade from my tall soy chai back to a grande. There's a reason I'm drinking less drink and it's not only to save money, but to make sure my ass will fit into my new pants.

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