Pretty Spring Skirts

I've been back in Los Angeles for almost four years now, after a decade in San Francisco, and I've pretty much gotten reused to the weather. Sure, there isn't a dramatic shift in seasons (even though we've had a lot of rain) so I've never been one to celebrate spring.

The one time I did, it wasn't of my own choice. My older sisters were put in charge of dressing me and my younger sister for Easter and I ended up wearing a scratchy white shirt with a baby blue ribbon neck tie to go with my baby blue cord pants...and white shoes. I've never forgiven them for that, the bitches.

Now that I can dress myself (on most days I even bother to wear something snazzier than workout gear), I can ring in Spring the way I want to--with a pretty skirt.

Mellow Yellow:

I wear entirely too much J. Crew but I do because I like their stuff, everything fits right off the rack and the prices are just right. The Sunshine skirt, $98, in a sunny yellow print is just right, not too cheerful for it's own good. The length is good and is in my preferred shape, pencil. I like yellow, but I don't own enough of it and this skirt is a step in the right direction. (I'll pass on the sandals, though. They're just not my thing.)

Bird in my Pocket:

One thing I love is a good pocket and a skirt with pockets is even closer to my heart. For $78, the Royal Poiciana relaxed cotton skirt with it's pretty, but not precious print says "Welcome, long as you don't bring allergies with you." I'm enamored with the whole Anthropologie vibe, even though I don't lead anything like the lifestyle the push, so I shop here selectively.

Cotton Zoloft:

For me this Boden Fun skirt, $98, is risky because it makes a statement; "I'm happy, dammit!" It's the last thing I'd ever consider pulling on if I had pms which should make it the first thing I reach for. It is mostly white and I still don't feel responsible enough to sport that much fabric that will show any fleck of dirt, but the colors in the patchwork open up a vast choice of top and shoe color options. Except for black. That color I'd save for another day.

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