Not So Very February

Yesterday was the last day of one of the most blah months I've had in a while. Mostly this was due to really bad insomnia, even by my standards. While it's not uncommon for me to suffer from a bout here and there, February was one long month of bad sleep. And you know what? Not sleeping through the night makes a person really tired and super unproductive.

I also ended my month with having to sit by while my husband, reinstalled Windows and upgraded the OS. Considering how much time I spend in front of this thing (working or not), dealing with an environment that's just slightly off is frustrating. I've spent the last two hours trying to get the non-Microsoft programs I use installed.

But March, I know, is going to be better. I proved to myself, everyone else and my bank account that I can go without a (grade soy no foam no water) Starbucks chai. Okay, so it wasn't quite kicking smack but there were days when I was really jonesing. Like walk barefoot through a mild snowstorm to get one desperate. But I'm glad I didn't. Like with forcing myself to do ab exercises at the gym, I'm just glad it's over and done with. I said I'd do it, I did, now get off my back, guilt.

I'm going to ease my way back into spending $4.04 (this is when they don't charge tax when they do it's $4.43) and consuming 230 fun filled calories. (By the way, in Canada the same drink packs 210 calories which makes me want to get my hands on some Canadian soy milk.) I'm going to start paying cash. Remember that stuff? And I'm going to allot enough for one chai a week. So instead of paying around $130, I'll spend around $20. (I can already tell you that this doesn't seem like enough chai for me, but I'm going to do my best.) And I'll only get them from my favorite Starbucks (unless I'm meeting someone for coffee at another location) and I'll walk there.

Writing wise, I'm trying to catch up from what I wanted to do in February. Insomnia and having to stop everything to go through page proofs for Good-bye To All That put some kinks into my writing goals.

My first priority is to get my next novel into shape to submit to my editor. And since she trusts me enough to submit on a proposal, I have to polish a long synopsis and the first 50 or so pages. On my end I need a water tight outline to work off. It might not seem like the most creative way to write, but if I don't have the outline nailed down, I'll wander around and drive myself crazy. I'd rather have a book at the end and not a nervous breakdown.

Of course, I expect things to pop up. I'm waiting for notes on my More Than This script, I want to finish adapting Life Over Easy and I'm sure a computer glitch is on the horizon. But really, I don't care. With a good night's sleep and the prospect of chai in my future, everything seems just fine.

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