Worth the Effort

I exercise, not a lot, but just enough so that I can eat what I want and still fit into my clothes. Sometimes the balance between eating (or what I eat) and how much I exercise (anywhere from three to five days a week) is a bit off kilter, but generally I have a good handle on things.

I know if I want to fit into my aspirational jeans (a 'big' size 4 from Banana Republic) I have to do a little more exercising and be a lot more careful about what I eat. This isn't rocket science and I figured how to lose weight and keep most of it off in my mid-teens.

Must to the chagrin of my TV watching family, I spent the summer between the 9th and 10th grade grapevine-ing to Kathy Smith tapes across my parents' living room. By the time I went back to school, I'd changed. I don't recall how much weight I lost, but it was enough for people to notice. Losing the weight was one thing, but discovering that I--the middle child of a loud and sometimes pain in the ass family--could control at least one small part of my life was a revelation. Exercise made me feel good about myself, gave me time to focus on me (me! me! me!) and helped me deal with stress.

But even with all I know about my body, I'm still learning because my body (sadly) keeps changing. I don't step on the scale with any sort of regularity, letting my clothes let me know where things stand, and I still eat way too much bread (bread!) for my own good. Nowadays, it does take a bit more effort to edge my weight down to where I'd like to be all the time and my (lack of) upper body strength and flexibility are two areas I've been ignoring lately.

Still, I know I'm doing okay. Maybe I can't fit into those BR jeans without a tug or two, but well enough considering it's not my job to be bikini ready 24-hours a day. The way I see it is there's room for improvement (less bread, more yoga) and I know from experience all it takes is some time management and commitment to get the balance right..and get back into those jeans.

My first favorite thing to do? Read in bed. Hands down, I'd do that over anything, even workout, anytime.

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