That Banana Bread

I'm not much of a cook, but I do cook because I have to. It's just healthier and, I'll admit it, more satisfying to make your own food. Plus, it gets me out of doing any sort of yard work or taking out the trash.

Since I'm not a happy amateur chef, I need recipes and some of the best I've found have been from Cooking Light magazine. It is my go-to resource for anything from turkey roasting to cookies. Sincerely, if it wasn't for Cooking Light I have no idea what I'd eat.

As for the banana bread that's been keeping me in the kitchen as of late, it's easy, quick and tastes damn good. Exactly what you want in baked goods. My only note is that I have to leave it in an extra 10 minutes or so under an aluminum tent (top cut out and sides covered) because my oven just needs the time to make sure it's baked. And I add walnuts, which I know throws the nutrition count off, but to me it ain't banana bread if it ain't got nuts. Right?

Below is the recipe. Click and it'll get really big. Happy baking!

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