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Trendoids: What sells when and why.
So what the hell is up with publishing? Even I, who admittedly, keeps myself as ignorant as possible about the ups, downs, ins and outs can tell things just ain't too peachy. When I started out in 2003 I queried lots, lots, of agents...

Tea and Sympathy: I live in L.A. and I drink tea.
For whatever reason, weather has returned to Los Angeles. We had a few genuinely warm and TV perfect days (blue skies, minimal smog) and now it's gray outside. It may even rain later on.

People I Don't Care About: Confession of a tabloid junkie.
I was reading my US magazine on Monday, which arrived almost a week after I usually get it so the "news" was way stale, and got through it in about seven minutes--half of my usual 15.

Life's Little Pleasures: Four things that make me happy.
The other day I scored a Xanax from a "friend" who has recently gone on the stuff to deal with all sorts of life and economy related anxiety. I popped the thing whole and within a few minutes realized I should have halved it.

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