Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It's January and for me that means a haircut. Not a trim, but a real honest to goodness tons of hair of the floor haircut. I've sported short hair for a while now and am one of those gals who doesn't equate long locks with innate sexiness or femininity. In fact, I feel more confident when my hair isn't of a certain length. The shortest it's been was a Winnona Ryder pixie cut in 2003 the longest was when I could put it into ponytail during the summer of 2006.

Right now it's neither here nor there. It's grown out from my last crop and while I can go a while between visits to Sandra, the woman whose cut my hair for the last three years, what I can't do is bother to comb it everyday. A short haircut, a good one, makes styling it redundant since the cut itself takes care of that...along with a bit of pomade. And it should grow out into something I can manage with minimal effort. This last haircut, though, was a little problematic. In fact, I had to go back to Sandra a couple of days after the initial cut for a tweak so I'm not really surprised that I'm looking a little dowdy now.

The good news is I've grown out those sad bangs and though it's lousy with layers, there all long enough so I can go either way, either longer or shorter. I choose shorter!

French actress Audrey Taotou is my go-to gal for short cuts. Her hair has more of a curl than mine, but I've had good luck with taking pictures of her to Sandra. She's been able to adapt the cut to my face shape and hair texture, but the one thing I never ask for are Audrey's baby bangs. Bangs, baby or not, are no friend of mine.

This haircut takes major grow out commitment. There are layers galore and it's one I wouldn't suggest to anyone who's just broken up with a guy or whose never had short hair. It's the kind of haircut people gasp at and say "You're hair! It's so...short."

But the good thing is that it grows out and with a little tweaking, it could turn into...

How happy was I to see Ginnifer Goodwin cut off her hair? Very! Why? Because Ginnifer has a roundish face and us roundish face gals are always being told we can't have short hair.

Ginnifer's cut frames her face just so and while she has what could be considered bangs, they're long and side swept. Her layers are all around longer, but it's exactly the neat and tidy haircut I always imagine makes life just that much nicer.

Of course, I'd have to be a little more conscientious with styling it so cowlicks don't take over. And I'd also make a bit more of an effort to do more than swipe on some lip balm and call it a day. But it's a cute cut that I might hang out to for a while (like with a trim) and that could eventually grow out into...

Right off the bat, yes those are bangs, but they're long and don't go straight across. Sienna Miller only had this cut for a while and it's the only thing I've ever found interesting about her. (Oh, and the engagement ring Jude Law gave her caught my fancy, too.) This cut made her stand out in a sea of long fake hair which, I think, she's gone back to. Either way, this would be the ideal grow out from the Audrey Tautou up top.

If all goes well, this would be my hair by summer with a few visits to Sandra keep the back in order.

On the other hand...Maybe I'll ask her to tweak what I have on my head right now, keep it a little longer and then cut it all off once warmer weather arrives.

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