The Flatter the Better

At 5'5" (5'5" and 1/2 on a good day) I should be all about heels. Especially since I'm the most normal (read: short) sized person in my family. My brother is about 6'3", my younger sister just under 5'10" and no one has been able to offer a good explanation as to why I got the short end of the height stick.

The other day as I was walking my kid to school, I realized that the little bugger is getting tall. As in soon he'll be taller than me. While this is all well and good, it just reinforces the fact that I'll never be any taller than I am. Considering all my other shortcomings (har!), my height should be the least of what I hold against, well, me. This is why I've fully given myself over to my love of flats, especially of the ballet variety and recently ordered three pairs from J. Crew.

I've had my eye on the Kelcey in Chalkboard for a while. It wasn't until I saw them in person that I decided I had to have them. In person they're more gray than green and they're perfectly plain without being boring. At $98, they're a good deal because I know I'll wear them enough and they're not shoddy shoes. Only thing I have to keep in mind is to keep them out of water as they are made out of suede and I'll need to buy those non-slip pads for the bottom.

I already own a pair of Marjorie(s) in black and brown and since J. Crew isn't carrying them in just the right shade of yellow (or any shade of yellow), I compromised on a pair in Navy. They'll go great with jeans or rolled up boyfriend khakis from my favorite store, Old Navy. (And, yes, I also got another pair in black.)

What I didn't get was a pair of Marjorie's in Metallic Graphite. Not because I don't want them, but because I forgot. Like they're suede counterparts above the metallic leather Majories are also $98 and I'm putting a pair in my cart so I won't forget them next time.

So see? Not only have I embraced my lack of height, I'm celebrating it by not making myself seem any taller than I really am. And I think that really justifies three pairs of what are essentially the same pair of shoes.

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