Hello West Hollywood

I like book fairs for two reasons the books and the food. Oh, and the people. As I've been hanging out (way too much) at home lately, I haven't had many opportunities to commiserate with people who understand what I'm bitching about. (Chatting with the woman who also has a skittish dog when we happen cross paths doesn't count--we only talk dogs and I still don't know her name, but I do know her pooch is called Muffin.)

So I was eager beaver for the Chicas, Chicanas, & Latinas: Writers in Action panel moderated by Mary Castillo and, uh, paneled by me, Reyna Grande, Josephina Lopez and Graciela Limon at this Sunday's West Hollywood Book Fair. I was a bit rusty, having not been getting much action of late, but it was a fun time to listen to the other authors and get to talk a little bit about this writing thing I do for a semi-living.

Myself and Reyna listening to Mary expertly moderate.

(from left) Me, Reyna, Graciela Limon, Josefina Lopez and Mary Castillo.

Reyna's latest novel, Dancing with Butterflies is out tomorrow and it's gotten beyond good reviews. Read it!

I got to chat with Mary who made the drive all the way from Orange County and didn't even get a cup of that Urth green tea. She's a trooper and a half.

So what did I end up wearing? Well, a purple cardigan I shouldn't have buttoned where I did and jeans (both from Old Navy and both plucked from the sale rack sometime ago), a pretty embellished tank from F21 (no mater how many times I tell myself I'm way too old for Forever 21, it is my place of last resort when it comes to finding something a little quirky that won't break the bank) and my Clark Malibu Beach wedges . (I recommended them to Reyna who says she's always on the lookout for comfortable shoes with some height. In fact, I just ordered a pair in black so I stand by my recommendations, people.)

And I'm not kidding when I say I'm really considering recycling this outfit for this Saturday's Latino Book Festival at Cal State L.A. and for the Page One Book Festival panel I'm doing Sunday the 18th. Seriously, do you know how loud they crank the music at F21? At this point my hearing is the only faculty I have that's 100% and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

One last pic...
I won't even bother to type out the obvious caption, you dirty birds.

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