New Site and Blog in the Works:

Yes, this time it's (almost certainly) going to happen. And because change is good, I'm looking forward to seeing this new (web) phase through.

Until the new site goes live, I'll still be lagging on the blogging but I'll keep Twittering to my heart's content and post updates on events and news (if anything newsworthy happens to happen) here.

An update with pictures! OK, one picture.

I've compiled a wish list of changes I want for my new site (which is a re-purposing of an existing but no longer site I had for other projects. See? I'm recycling and thrifty!) There's the home page to your left.

The whole typewriter thing goes way back with me. I started 'writing' on an antique manual typewriter in my teens that sadly is no more. I didn't even think to cart it with me to college. To be fair, I was flying away there on Southwest and even though they were super flexible at the time, I think they would have frowned on me trying to stuff machinery onto my carry-on. Really wish I had, though.

As much as I liked the site the first time around, I still know a few tweaks have to be made to make it work for what I need now. And since I like lists, especially numbered ones, I'll present my wish list of tweaks in no particular order.

1. A new background/color scheme that's less, well, green.
2. A new snazzy header. Headers are really important. More important than I ever realized. A header, like a book cover, can make or break a site. Really, I don't think I'm overstating the importance of a good header.
3. As facebook, twitter and goodreads (at least to me) have become more important, I need nifty link buttons that coordinate with the site. It's like accessorizing a LBD. Even though I only own a few pieces of jewelry that I don't wear, it doesn't mean my site should go bare.
4. The blog conundrum. I like blogging in blogger. I really do. So the only answer is to have a coordinating blog template designed and linked so it opens in a new window.

There are other little things I'd like see happen, but those are just housekeeping. If I get 1 to 4 done, I'd be happy to have the site up as soon as they're done. The rest I can wait to do, like finally painting over that patched spot on my wall. I'll get around to doing it but for now, propping a picture in front of it works just as well.

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