Summer (Writing) Doldrums

I know this feeling all too well, the one where I just don't want to do anything and especially not do what it is I have to do. And it always hits in the summer and it just makes one gorgeous day drag after another gorgeous day. While I don't have a physically taxing job, writing is a little hard on the gray matter between my ears. I don't care what anyone says (except for maybe a coal miner) writing is hard work. And even if I don't have to do it in the hot sun or miles under the surface of the earth, it makes me tired. Mentally which then leads to physical symptoms and bad posture. Mine was already fairly poor, now it's just atrocious.

My current state of dwelling in the doldrums has to do with having spent the last nine or so months sitting here working on one project or another without a break. (No, stepping away from the computer in the middle of the afternoon to vacuum the living room or go to the supermarket is not a break.)

It seems people, besides Europeans, do need a vacation. And even if I wouldn't take six weeks to loll about in the sun in the South of France, a long weekend away from my day-to-day life sounds pretty nice. And, like the husband's European family, I'd leave all technology behind except for my handy (cell phone), but only for use in emergencies.

This is not going to happen and not just because six weeks of vacation anywhere would drive me nuts. But just because I'm home and desk bound doesn't mean I can't make the best of it.


I'm taking a day off, damnit! I'm skipping my Spin class and my tacked on 15 minutes of yoga. (Actually, a nice relaxed yoga session sounds kind of appealing.) I'm taking myself out to lunch and reading a good book. I'm going to wander around unfamiliar parts of Los Angeles and maybe even window shop (the ultimate in brain dead activity for me).

If I had thought to give myself a free pass earlier, I would've considered taking one of those touristy tours in a bus around tourist worthy parts of the city. I've always wanted to do that, but have never had the time to get around to it.

Maybe next week. After all, I'll still be here and a nice German family will be reaching a deep golden brown on a beach in the South of France.

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