Project Stimulation: Phase Spago

I'm still slowly, painfully spending my way through $2k. I've already found shopping just for the sake of shopping (even done thoughtfully) is a bit boring and, yes, pointless. Because the goal, if you could call it one, was to spend my money on non-practical things, I invited the husband out to dinner. But not just any dinner and definitely not Huston's, but a grown-up, just the two us, eat anywhere he wanted dinner.

Since he got his master of business administration from UCLA, he decided to go with the very L.A. theme and picked Spago. We made 9 pm reservations and arrangements for the kid to spend a long night at his grandparents'. All in all, it was a nice time for us to just sit and talk about stuff we can't converse about when the kid is around. The food was good, the service great but I did notice some very L.A. things.

It's a bit disconcerting to walk into a place, have conversation cease for the few seconds it takes people to figure out if you're someone. Since I'm not and I don't mind it, I wasn't offended when people realized it and went back to chatting while keeping one eye on the door. This went on through dinner, people eyeballing each other and trying to connect a name to what they thought was a vaguely familiar face.

I didn't participate because I figure the only people who would be at Spago on Saturday night were people like me. Those out for dinner to celebrate a special occasion. And how special did it end up being? $207.32 worth of special and well within in budget of $250-$300.

With a nice cushion, we went over to the W in Westwood where we had our eardrums melted by music so loud it was distorted. It was kind of funny to watch the recent MBA grads (who are all well beyond the age where trolling for a hook-up at a trendy bar is fun) try to have conversations about what happens next when no one could hear each other unless you leaned in and screamed in each others ear. One beer (him) glass of water (me) and a discounted $10 valet tab later, we bailed. (This I let him pay for because by that point I'd spent 9 hours in 3" heels and my ears were ringing. Plus, I only had plastic, no cash on my person.

We drove to pick up the kid, got home and divested our selves of suits, ties, heels and one, by then, very fitted dress and went to bed.

I was never 100% on board with the husband getting his MBA and it caused an endless amount of stress and annoyance (a kitchen cabinet drawer front fell off it's hinges 7 months ago was off of 'em until this Sunday), but I'm glad it's over. I'm excited to see what happens next and to start nicely and subtly pointing out all the handyman projects my Mr. MBA can start taking care of since his life doesn't revolve around school anymore. Also, I've made him sign a piece of paper that states if he ever even thinks about going back to school, I have the right to punch him in the balls. And I'll do it, too.

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