End of the Hiatus

My oh my, what a week away will do to a person's sense of reality.

I've had to remind myself of what day it is and, I think, I'm finally settled on the fact that it is Monday and tomorrow will be Tuesday and so and so forth. That I have two weeks to polish my partial to near perfection. That I'll be finishing (finally) a draft of the screenplay adaptation of More Than This by November or else. (The or else part comes in the form of a couple hundred dollars and limited public humiliation as I've entered into a bet that I can do it or else. I'm mature!)

A week a way from my reality is making it hard to get back into the swing of things. (This morning I had to verbally cue myself to do things like brush my teeth and pour milk into the kid's cereal.)

Especially since I'm no longer starting my days with a tall (I've downsized) soy chai (no water, no foam) from Starbucks every morning like I did last week in San Francisco. We stayed at the W because the beds are comfy and I like the way the place smells. It's a love/hate thing with the W. For me it ended up being that I wanted to love it but I hated it so much that I wanted to switch hotels. I stuck it out though, but my on my next trip I'll be staying somewhere much less, well, W like.

(Really, who needs to feel as if they're stepping into a club each time they ride the elevator? Turns out that person is not me.)

Aside from the hotel issue, I had a great time in San Francisco. I took very few pictures, instead opting to just pay attention and remember. More importantly, I took a vacation from my computer. I did bring along my laptop, but 'forgot' the power cord so it stayed tucked away the entire time and I was a better person for it.

I got it into my brain that I want to buy a pied-à-terre right smack in the middle of things to use as an escape pad. Not that I have much to escape from as I keep my life deliberately drama free, but I realized how much I miss San Francisco. The fun parts at least which consist of eating good food, walking at will and spending time with friends.

Now for this to happen things have to happen and that's why I'm at my desk ready to write until my fingers go numb. And maybe then, but not until, will I even consider wandering out for a tall soy chai, no water/no foam.

Life, really, isn't so bad but it was better on vacation.

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Riff Dog said...

When isn't it better on vacation? ;-)