Project Stimulation: Phase Nixed

Who knew spending $2k on (just about) whatever I want would be not as easy as I though it should be. I guess what's tripping me up is that I'm watching every penny (every single one!) and making as thoughtful decisions as possible. I don't ever do this, spend money just on me (me! me!) without thinking about what other good (due to make my yearly donation to Planned Parenthood and Doctors Without Borders) and useful (the dishwasher is close to kaput) things I could/should with the money.

But no. I've set a goal and I aim to met it with some items not making the cut. This time it's all about jackets.

I took the Boden Biker Jacket, $168 in black, off my list not because the site takes so damn long to load but because my sister used the death word, "boxy." As in "It's a cute jacket but it looks boxy." Boxy is not good when you happen to be (a) short and (b) busty. I am (a) and (b).

Plus, I'm not familiar with Boden's cut and sizing and with no way to try on before I click to buy, chances were it would be too boxy and the wrong size. So this was an easy nix.

This velvet blazer from J. Crew , Eden, $148, in indigo almost made the click and is still on my "If I have any money left over list," but I nixed it. It's a pretty jacket, fitted but a tad short and I already have a velvet blazer. (OK, it's in boring black and from the gap, but it still fills the need for a velvet blazer.)

J. Crew is already on my "I'm seriously buying" list so I figured I would venture out of my comfort bubble to see what else is out there in the blazer/jacket world.

What I really want, covet almost, is this Vince Boyfriend Jacket in herringbone, $498. There's really nothing stopping me, besides work, family and self obligations, from wandering down to my nearest fine department store and trying it on. And this I would want to try on. Just because I've fallen for it online, doesn't mean it won't be totally wrong in person. (Ain't that the truth.) I have the feeling that my first Vince item of clothing will lead to many others so I want to be extra sure where a big hunk of my $2,071.59 would go.

If I could dress in just Vince with flats from London Sole and get everything else from Barney's Co-Op, I'd be a happy gal. For that to happen, I need to do more sit-ups and rack up some serious book sales. Until then, the blazer will stay on my "Am I serious?" list. And I think I am.

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