The Eyes Have It

I am by no means a make-up expert. My skill due to a serious lack of Sassy, 17 and YM during my formative teenage years are sadly rudimentary. For this I blame my mother. To her face, but only once a year or when she points out that I might think about a little color here or there to liven up my face.

Either way.

It's been left up to me to figure things out which I, think, have done to varying degrees of success when it comes to maquillage. As a result I keep things pretty basic and most of my make-up can be applied with my fingertips. That works everywhere except when it comes to my lashes where implements are called for. Sure, I know how to put on mascara even if I don't do the wiggle the wand back and forth. And I've pretty much settled on a brand, L'Oreal Voluminous, but there only so much a product can do. There are 'curling' mascaras but, in my experience, they don't work and even I can tell my lashes need a bit of a lift to make putting on mascara worth the effort.

I was at my local Sephora perusing my choices in eyelash curlers when a fellow shopper came up to do the same. She watched me work various curlers for a moment and then said, "I've tried them all and this one," she picked up a compact Sephora Go Curl that I'd passed over with a glance, "is the best one I've ever owned." "Really?" I said, trying to be polite. "It looks weird, but it really curls from tip to tip."

Not really liking my options I decided to give it a try and, yep, I'm a believer. It really puts a kink in my lashes and most days when I don't wear mascara, I do bother to give my Go Curl a go. Next on my list to master? Liquid eyeliner that doesn't look sad and scary.

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-marytza- said...

Everyone hypes it, but Shu Uemera really does make the best eyelash curler. the only thing that sucks is that when the silicone pads wear down, you can't just buy replacements - you have to buy a whole new curler. Still, when combined with a good mascara, it is FOXY!