City Switch: Sleep Edition

Next to what I'll be eating on my upcoming birthday trip to San Francisco where I'll be laying my head at night is just as important. I'm a hotel slut. A vacation is not a vacation unless a halfway decent hotel is involved. In fact, nothing kills my vacation buzz faster than hearing that we'll be staying with family or in a condo (like happened in Big Bear and South of France trips).

In fact, checking into the hotel has sometimes been the highlight of trips, just like the breadbasket before dinner, so I'm weighing my hotel choice rather heavily based on just how much hotel I want for my stay.

I stayed at The Palace Hotel for a weekend before a trip to either Kauai or Maui. (It was a for my birthday, as I remember. Man, those days were fun!) It was very nice, big room, great service and they have a glassed in pool I made use of. It's very classic San Francisco, right downtown going toward the financial district, but other than the chilly temp of the pool, I don't remember much about my stay. At around $179 a night for a Superior Room, it's a good price but I'm feeling rather blah about The Palace.

You'll never hear me say anything bad about The Mosser. Especially since its right around the corner from my beloved Old Navy flagship store on Market. It is a very basic hotel. In fact some rooms have shared bathrooms, but rooms with in suite facilities aren't much more expensive.

We stayed at The Mosser for a week or so right before we left San Francisco for L.A. We'd moved out of our flat, but the kid still had a week of pre-school to attend so we hung around and had a nice time playing tourists. The Mosser is great for an extended stay and feels as close to actually living in San Francisco instead of staying in a hotel as you can possibly get without bunking down with friends or family. An Executive Suite goes for a rate between $151-189 a night. I'm assuming executives get their own bathroom.

I like W Hotels. They smell good and have a nice minimal tidy aesthetic. They also stock their bathrooms with Bliss Spa products that, yes, I load up on.

The W in San Fransisco is located next to the MOMA and within walking distance to just about everything else. Especially the in-house Bliss Spa which I want to visit as much as possible. Plus, they usually leave a plate of kick ass cookies and milk if you mention you're coming up for something special. Room rates go from $228-309 so it's a chunk of change to drop for good smells. But the sheets and pillows are more than worth it.

Right now it's between the Mosser and the W. It's going to come down to is how many nights we stay and how much spa I want to enjoy while I'm there. Not a bad dilemma to have.

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