Writing Under Obligation

I'm participating in the Leimert Park Village Book Fair this Saturday along with authors Sandra Rodriguez and Sarah Rafael Garcia. Look for us at booth #25 in the author's pavilion. (Besides sponsoring our table, AuthorsDen is also hosting a panel talk or reading, I'm really hoping it's a panel talk, at 2 pm.)

Aside from chomping down on huge bag of kettle corn, I'm looking forward to being around people who really like books. It's always heartening to see how many folks come out to book fairs to celebrate a love for all things reading...and eating. (Book fairs have the best eats, man.) As I'm supposed to be hot and heavy with my polish of Goodbye To All That (Touchstone, '10), it'll be a nice break to just get out and about and talk about books and, yep, writing.

Right now, though, I might not be the best ambassador for writing as I'm in the final push of revising and polishing my fourth or fifth manuscript. The last thing I want to do is bitch and moan about having the luxury to be working on a novel, but I'm going to anyway. Whenever I tell people what I do for a living, even though I don't make much of one at it, they always say how they wish they could write a book and not worry about anything else. Me too!

Writing a book is not easy. It can be rather draining and rewriting a book until it works is even more of a drag. That's why you really have to either love your story or, hopefully, believe enough in it that you're willing to knuckle down and do the work. Right now, I'm vacillating between love and stubbornness and hoping a little of both will be enough to carry me through the next 28 days or so.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to meeting readers, other authors and all the kettle corn I can manage to eat.

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