Musique de Formage

I've taken a break from Netflix hoping to come back to my subscription in August and find myself with a slew of movies I want to watch. In the meantime, I've been reacquainting myself with what iTunes has to offer.

True this means I've been ignoring my Roku Soundbridge but I do use it as my desktop clock, so it's been getting some attention. The other day I listened to my accumulated podcasts, mostly really heavy news programs, and then halted my subscriptions. With nothing to play in the background and thoroughly depressed at the state of the world, I clicked on the Radio button.

Hot dog! I had no idea the vast array of noise that was right there on my desktop. Being that I've been jonesing for a spa getaway, I tried a selection of stations from the Eclectic category before stumbling on France 80.

France 80 plays exactly what its name implies. Some of it is really bad but since it's in French it sounds nice enough and I'd forgotten that the 1980s were such an upbeat decade. Even the logo, linked to the left, is wonderfully 80s and French. It almost makes me want to buy a pair of slip-on Vans, tease up my bangs and do the Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club dance.

I can't say listening to France 80 doing anything for my writing, but since I don't understand the lyrics, I can largely tune it out. I'll move on from 80s France soon enough, but it just nice to know it's out there when I'm ready for another dose.

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