The Mrs. MBA Dress

The husband is counting down the remaining days until he can almost officially close the checkbook on his 2 year MBA program. His last class session is sometime in the next couple of weeks or so (I stopped paying attention a long time ago), but he won't be getting his receipt, sorry, diploma until later this summer. Right smack in the middle of summer, to be exact, when it's usually extremely hot in Los Angeles.

Because this is something of a to-do (even though I was never 100% enthusiastic about him doing it), I have to, like, wear something besides jeans and a long sleeved T to commemorate the occasion. As I have no desire to keel over from heat stroke or buy something I'll never wear again, I've been considering my choices. I'm not looking flashy (it's his day), want comfort, but I still need to look nice.

And where to find a damn dress that is MBA Wife-ish? Why at Nordstrom, of course.

My initial goal, a small one, was to stay away from black. I amended it to staying away from all black. This v-neck black and white printed sheath by Maggy London, $119, is a very nice shape and is interesting enough to make it more than just a dress I threw on. I have a thing for modest v-necks and cap sleeves. But, I would need to buy a new pair of shoes and, most likely, get it hemmed to hit just the right spot at my knee. Still, this is in my definite maybe category.

Another Maggy London dress, $104. This one is also in the all not black category. I like the high neckline, cap sleeves and high waist of the skirt. And that it pretends to look like a shirt and skirt when it's really one dress. Easy for me since I wouldn't have to worry about tucking and, as everyone knows, I never tuck anything. Again, I'd have to buy a pair of shoes but it's a nice shape and it's simple. I like simple.

This cap sleeved, high necked, seamed dress by Adrianna Papell, $122, is by far my favorite. Why? Well, it's navy blue, has those cap sleeves, a high neckline that is just slightly boat necked and the seaming and tucks makes it interesting up close. The sheen gives me a little pause, but I suppose I can deal with it. What does give me a little worry is the sizing. I'd have to order it in two sizes, 6 and 8, and will be returning the one that doesn't fit quite as right.

As for shoes, oh yeah, my Delmans would work. They are in a need of a trip to the shoe guy for some sprucing up, but they're the only truly high heels I can stand wearing for more than an hour. I should have gotten them in black as well as purple. If I had an MBA it might have occurred to me, but I don't and it didn't and I'm OK with that.

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