Frayed Nerves No More...

I admit it. Sometimes I get as skittish as a wet chihuahua. I think it has to do with my choice of occupation, too much time spent imagining all sort of drama and then being too exhausted to deal with life's minor dramas when they invariably occur.

Some of my panic, though, is self inflicted. A couple of months ago I was at an event with Jamie Martinez Wood and Reyna Grande when I found out we were going to have to read excerpts to about 150 conference attendees. Guess who slowly started to freak out?

But I'd come prepared...with Xanax. I cut a tab in half and then settled back to wait for it to do it's job. Jamie on the other hand was flabbergasted at my semi-casual use of pharmaceuticals. And the next time she saw me she said "Open your mouth." Into which she sprayed...

While it has a strong alcohol taste (27% of it is made up of the stuff), it's chock full of all sorts of calming ingredients derived from flower essences and it's all homeopathic which I'm a fan of. Plus, the marketing copy on the back of the box reads like a modern person's dream. I mean who doesn't want a quick and natural 'cure' for terror and panic, irritation and impatience, inattentiveness and irrational thoughts? I sure do. Though, since you spray it on or under your tongue, my sister said it would probably trip a Breathalyzer test to the 'you're fucked' range.

Now, it doesn't work like Xanax does, but it does work for me. Maybe it's the blend of flower essences or the alcohol or just the act of acknowledging that I'm stressed, most likely a combination of the three, but it does make me feel better. And since my doc is way stingy with the 'script refills, it helps me make due and save my pills for when I really need them. Prices vary widely. I got my 20ml bottle at whole foods for about $18 (which freaked me out) but I found it on for under $9. There's also a Rescue Sleep version I'm beyond eager to try.


Mary Castillo said...

I laughed out loud because Jamie is such a nice person compared to me. I would've gotten a little freaked out at you getting freaked out and might have said something along the lines of, "Bitch, snap out of it!"

It's much better to have Jamie along.

Anyway, I have a Rescue Remedy in my desk drawer, in my purse and in my make-up drawer next to my Baby Vicks vapor rub.

Now that I know about the sleep version, I'll be adding to my collection.


Margo Candela said...


That might have actually worked. I think it's called aversion therapy. Good to know you keep a stash of RR in all the important places. Makes me feel less weird about ordering it in bulk.