Summer Uniform

I met my friend Heather for lunch last week and besides discussing the usual stuff (writing, not writing, husbands and kids) we talked clothes. I told her I was thinking about what I'd be wearing this summer and yes, it sort of changes from what I wear in the winter, fall and spring.

Because I work almost exclusively from home, the tendency to just not give a rat's ass runs high. My mornings are spent in my workout gear but as a rule I make sure to shower and change into real clothes when it's time to pick of the kid from school...whether I've worked out or not. Now that I'm structuring my mornings around going to the gym, I have no excuse not to put a little more thought into what I wear and this summer I plan to wear...

No matter the weather or the season, nothing will come between me and my love for sweaters. They are one of peoplekind's greatest inventions. As I live in L.A. it tends to get a tad on the inferno side during some parts of the summer months, but now that I have a nifty ceiling fan in my office, it stays fairly temperate.

This lightweight silk gossamer cardigan, $88, in heather ice from J. Crew is exactly what I need to look like I actually care about what I write in and what I pick the kid up in, too. Plus, I'm sure the dog will appreciate me not looking like a holy mess when I take her for her infrequent jaunts around the neighborhood.

I have seen the light...or at least my arms have. After a decade in San Francisco, where I could feed my sweater habit on a daily basis, I've finally come around to short sleeve and, yes, sleeveless tops. Of course this means that things like arm toning exercises have to be done because arm fat is the last thing I want to share with the world.

I'm a big believer that T-shirts shouldn't be too expensive and even less precious. They're T-shirts, for god's sake, but that doesn't mean they should be schlumpy. Paired with a good, no great bra, the right T makes the difference between looking like I care or like I just pulled my whole outfit out of the hamper because I spent the day watching Lifetime movies on the couch. (Which are awesome, by the way.) Pima cotton tank, $18, Banana Republic, online only.

Who doesn't wear jeans (besides my mom whose always wanted to but for some reason has never dared)? I do almost every day which is kind of sad since there are so many other things I could be wearing. But, let's be honest, I wear them because they're easy to pull on and when they look good, life is just that much easier to deal with. As with T-shirts, I don't buy into the $200 jean thing. Yes, I'm sure there are jeans out there that do magical things to one's ass and thighs but in the end, squats and lunges also do wonders for how you look in jeans, and more importantly, out of them.

Since I spend enough time sitting, I don't need anything that will constrict or, god forbid, chafe but I do want something that looks and feels good. Enter Levi's 501 boyfriend cut jeans, $78. They're worn-in but not so distressed that I feel like a poser. And, no, I don't cuff them because I wear them with flats.

Flats. Men just don't get them and I really don't care because I love flats. If I dared count my shoes and sorted them by heel, 90% of them would be in the flat pile. Flats are where I indulge in color, texture and quality. I can make due with a $20 T-shirt but would rather save up to buy a good pair of shoes. It's also the one place where I don't mind paying retail which means I am very faithful to the brands I buy because that's the way I was raised.

Bloch London flats, especially the Rosalina's in Lolly Pink, $154, are my newest shoe obsession. They're all leather and priced just right even though I can only find them on Which is fine with me even though the sizing is temperamental and exchanges are a bit of a hassle.

Of course I'll change it up, but other than the husband's MBA graduation later this summer, I really don't have an occasion to fret about what I should wear. (Will be blogging about dress options later.) Which is good 'cause it leaves gray matter free to think about other marketing.


Heather Poole said...

Too funny! I went shopping and tried my best to channel you. I ended up leaving TJ Maxx with three huge bags - 4 dresses included

Margo Candela said...

Good to hear I helped you spend money. I can't focus at TJ Maxx (or Ross and especially at Nordstrom Rack). Too many choices turn my brain into mush.