Good Morning Eats

There was a time way back when I had an awesome metabolism. I could eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, Fruit Loops for lunch and, because I considered myself a sophisticated gal, Corn Pops for dinner.

I firmly believe my happy cereal diet was the reason I was so skinny. All that chewing burned calories...along with all the walking and working out I did. Years have passed since those fondly remembered days. I realized a woman my age, and with my slowing metabolism, should be eating something like Special K and Special K doesn't even taste like Corn Flakes no matter how much sugar you pour on it.

But now I have a new cereal that's somewhat fun to eat, tastes pretty good and is chock full of what all Americans need--fiber. From watching commercials and reading magazine ads, it seems that the entire country is constipated (and suffering from insomnia). I think I'm doing OK but the go-getter in me knows I can do better and if I can do that by simply eating a bowl of Fiber One in the morning so much the better.

All I can say is I don't mind waking up to a bowl of Fiber One and to complete the experience an issue of O! Magazine. For some reason the two just go together.

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