The Good Life

I did it. I had Sandra, the woman who has given me my last three years of haircuts, cut bangs into my hair. Considering I've had my hair all manner of short, from pixie to just long enough to tuck behind my ears, the hyperventilating I did over these damn bangs was comical.

I'm still getting used to them and as the husband said when he first saw me "This takes me back to 1995" it's going to be a process. So I sported my new bangs in Palm Springs this weekend where I also trudged around in a mummsy one piece swim suit and I felt, well, this side of dumpy.

The bangs, the suit and having the lady who does my brows (and other waxing) say that I look like a gal straight of the 1960s has made me realize that my figure (and face) are looking and feeling a little full. I have my valid excuses, of course. My asthma has flared up something nasty necessitating two trips to the doctor in one week and a prescription of heavy duty steroids, not the thing to make any gal feel feminine, and a bunch of other meds which leave me wired and ravenous.

I'm tapering off on the 'roids and will be back to my regular gym workouts soon, but even I have to admit I need to move my ass a lot more if I don't want to give up eating. Which is why I allowed myself to enjoy one last weekend of being a heavily medicated sloth who could order anything off the menu. Thing is, I didn't really enjoy myself...and it wasn't entirely due to my ill fitting mummsy suit.

The hotel/resort/spa/golf place we stayed at was packed with fake tits. I live in L.A. and I saw more plastic boobage over the weekend than I've seen all year. The place was lousy with these groups of gals sort of roaming around and making the rounds, but I didn't see all that many men. Maybe they were hiding? There were also lots of families (more mummsy suits), young drunk guys sun burnt from golfing who just wanted to keep to themselves and be obnoxious at the same time and older folks who buy art in lobby shops.

It was a nice break from my usual routine, which is and will continue consist of going to the gym, typing, and doing just enough for the kid so child services doesn't get called.

As for the bangs, I think I like them and, either way, they'll grow out.

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Heather Poole said...

I'm a fan of the bangs. Great photo. Put it on your next book