The Big Bounce

I've never been one for high impact sports, not since puberty came knocking on my door when I turned 14. But I have managed to eek out a somewhat active lifestyle despite or because of being well knockered.

There was a time, when I was about 15 or so, when I was doing step aerobics in my parents' living room like crazy. And even though that didn't require much hopping around, there was always something bouncing. At the time I wore not one, but two regular sport bras to minimize the forces of gravity. I was a huge fan of Kathy Smith and her bra, which kept her breasts stationary until one of my sister's pointed out that they didn't move because they weren't real. Lesson learned.

As I'm back at the gym it's only polite to make sure I'm not distracting myself or others with bouncing boobage so I went on a quest to find a bra that would keep everything in check.

I own two of what Title Nine sportswear calls the Frog Bra, $32. As the review says, it's a major boob smusher and is not pretty to get in and out of. But for the short period when I actually ran on a treadmill, it was what I wore. To be honest, there's still some bounce, but everything moves as a unit so it doesn't feel like you're doing too much damage to the girls. I also like to think that it increases lung capacity since you have to work all that harder to take oxygen in.

Still, I was tired of the mashed uniboob look so I ventured out to Macy's to see what else was out there for me and I knew underwires would be in my future...

The Champion Powerback bra, $40, is a monster. This is one serious looking and functioning bra. Seriously, it's not pretty in any respect and if you're looking to get laid after a workout, this thing will have to come off either in the dark or after a quick trip to the bathroom. It does keep things relatively immobile while lifting and separating, but it's hard to get on. More than once I've gouged my forehead with the wires and doing up the hooks in back is a mini-workout in itself. But it's sturdy enough to do do a run/walk in and that's why I keep it handy. Some days a girl just wants more impact in her life. And it's what I wear when my preferred bra is stuck in the laundry.

This Lilyette IM sports bra, style #914, $38, is my new favorite. True, I would not go running in it, but I rarely run so that point is moot. It's pretty heavy duty but looks just fine under a tank top, with thicker straps and it's a breeze to get in and out of. It works for spinning and for a circuit in the weight room after. Though I would never wear it as an everyday bra, it does justice to the rack while keeping things where they need to stay so I can focus on working on and not where my boobs are.

And in the end, that's the whole point of a sport's bra. Right?


Anonymous said...

as a fellow athlete with large ones (40 D), the frog bra is ALL i wear. i can sprint down the soccer field or around the track and not worry about my boobs giving me a black eye. the key to large breasts and being able to workout is POSTURE, if you hunch over, you ALWAYS have bounce, even with duct tape. good posture is what helps minimize the bounce, the uber bra can then support your girls :-)

Margo Candela said...

Bad posture is my downfall, and droop. Yoga helps and I don't have to wear a heavy duty bra to do it...I just need to do it more.