Tea and Sympathy

For whatever reason, weather has returned to Los Angeles. We had a few genuinely warm and TV perfect days (blue skies, minimal smog) and now it's gray outside. It may even rain later on.

I jumped the gun and switched over to warm weather tea by going with something minty and downright refreshing hot or cold, peppermint. What surprised me is that it took me a while to find a minty tea that wasn't mixed with green tea. I wanted something caffeine free as I'm trying to cut down on caffeine and refined sugar. Hey, my life is already boring, a little less fun in the way of additives isn't going to make much of a difference. But it has! In my skin.

It's fairly clear and free from the usual topography that has me scouring the skin care aisle of my local target. A miracle? No, more like I've been paying attention to what been going inside so the outside looks better. (And yes, I've been working out again. Thank god for muscle memory as things are snapping back into shape at a motivating pace.)

But back to the mint tea. I happened to run into a serene type of lady at a party who gave me all sorts of tips on how to clean out your insides to make your outsides glow. She's a massage therapist and a colon hydrotherapist. Yeah, she give super charged, but therapeutic enemas. Once she gave me the rundown on why colonics are good clean fun, I asked her "What's the easiest, least invasive way to keep my gut happy?" And she said, "Peppermint tea."
My local Pavilions has a pretty good tea selection. No where near what I'd find at Whole Foods or Cost Plus, but it's decent. And after some scanning, I came upon what I was looking for: Stash caffeine free peppermint herbal tea (around $3 a box for 20 bags). I skipped off to the cashier and totally forgot necessary ingredients for dinner...Which is why we ended up ordering pizza for dinner.

On the other side of gut friendly, I've discovered, much to my shame, that what I really enjoy about going to Starbucks is drinking my drink out of the cup with lid. I've gone so far as to refill an almost empty one at home with my own soy milk and Tazo decaf concentrate (Target, $3.99).

The other day, after a disappointing $4.20 chai, watered down and with foam even though I always ask for no foam, I decided that was it. Plus, the colon lady told me that those things are full of sugar (knew that but needed to hear it from someone else) and contribute to all sorts of internal havoc which winds up as external ugly. So I ordered a whole case of Tazo decaf chai bags and Madhava agave sweetener because if anyone is going to water down my chai, it might as well be me. The only thing that's missing is the cup.
Not for long. The husband is racked with guilt for traipsing off to New York while I stay home, try to finish my book and look after the kid. At this point, I can ask for something stupid like a quality Cartier watch from Canal Street and he'd procure it. Instead, I'm having him stop by the MOMA gift store and pick me up a I Am Not A Paper Cup.

It looks like a Starbucks cup, sans the logo, but it's made of double-walled porcelain with a latex lid. Sure, it's the size of a tall (12 oz.) when I usually go for a grande (16 oz) but I think my colon will thank me for the difference.

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